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Sr Director of Franchise Development, Shemar Pucel, Breaks Down the Candidate Discovery Process

Shemar Pucel has spent the past 15 years developing and perfecting the franchise discovery process. With Papa Murphy’s, a meeting with her is among the first steps in the process to become a franchise owner. In this interview, she breaks down not only what makes a great candidate for franchise ownership with Papa Murphy’s, but what potential franchise owners can expect in the discovery phase.

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What are some characteristics of the ideal candidate?

We get folks from all walks of life. Experienced franchise owners with other brands that are looking to diversify a portfolio, and people ready to leave corporate life, are a huge part of our system. Also, a lot of families are looking for a legacy business that they can operate together. Almost everybody that comes through, though, is someone who already has a connection with Papa Murphy’s one way or another. They have a love and a passion for not only pizza, but the brand.

Our best franchisees are connected to their community and engaged with non-profit organizations and civic organizations. When I start qualifying a franchise candidate, I’m looking for somebody that I can see as being a great brand ambassador, but also somebody that can manage multiple processes, people, different varying personalities, and really deploy best practices at the highest level.

Can you walk us through the process for a franchisee candidate?

It all starts with our Qualification Specialist. She’s really the gatekeeper for all things Papa Murphy’s, and that conversation is a casual, open discussion to learn more about the candidate, and she does a really good job of answering their preliminary questions.

From there, we arrange a kickoff call for me to introduce myself, and to start getting to know the candidate. It’s really important to understand the why behind any person’s interest in a franchise, so that as we navigate through the process, I can always come back to the why. Then I walk them through all the steps in our process. I designed the process to be as interactive and as forthcoming with information on the onset as possible.

The next steps include a series of interactive webinars, where we walk them through a guided presentation designed to give them a more in-depth look at how we support them, explaining the different stages of the franchisee life cycle so they really understand what they can anticipate after they sign that franchise agreement. Candidates will learn about the ins and outs of the franchise program, support services, duties and responsibilities, obligations, unit economics, while also having the chance to better understand our culture, vision, values, and how we work together to ultimately make sure that we’re compatible.

What does the process look like once a candidate is approved?

The first step is focused on real estate, because you need to identify a location. From there the process goes to our construction team for design, plans, permitting, etc. Once permits are in, that’s when the rubber meets the road for a franchise owner. That’s when they’re meeting with the support team more frequently. We’re scheduling the initial training and focusing on a marketing plan – to create buzz for the store opening. Things really start moving as they start going through training. That’s when having bi-weekly calls and then weekly calls helps the most. There are thorough checklists to help prepare for the grand opening, and in the background, our construction team is managing everything.

What is most important to you in this process?

Regardless if candidates decide to move forward with Papa Murphy’s or not, as long as they feel that their questions were answered, that they were able to do their due diligence in a way that they didn’t feel pressure, I really feel like I’ve done my job. With anybody that’s even considering investing in a franchise, take your time. Do your research, really understand what is expected of you as a franchise owner, understand the basics of franchising, before you even reach out to a specific franchise concept.

What are you most proud of?

If I had to pinpoint one thing, it would be the process that I’ve developed over the span of my 15 year career. It works for any individual, and any learning style. It doesn’t impede education or discovery. I’ve worked closely with individuals from all walks of life, coast to coast around the world, different types of language barriers, you name it. It’s really a perfect process to take a prospect from step one to step ten.

I love what I do. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love interviewing prospective owners and helping them decide if this is ultimately what’s best for their family. It’s a huge decision, and it’s not something that they should rush into or not take the time to really make sure that this is the right fit.

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