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On April 22nd, 2023

How Papa Murphy’s Delivery Extends Profit-Potential

Why Extend Profit-Potential through Delivery? Papa Murphy’s has mastered the take-and-bake pizza model, with franchises all across America. And while the in-store visit remains an essential component of the franchise business model, Papa Murphy’s delivery is also a valued part of many franchises’ bottom line. That’s because providing delivery makes getting a delicious, handmade Papa ...

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On April 9th, 2023

Papa Murphy’s Recognized As Favorite Restaurant Chain

Newsweek Recognizes Nation’s Favorite Restaurant Chains Newsweek magazine has released its eagerly awaited 2023 list of America’s Favorite Restaurant Chains, and Papa Murphy’s has landed a spot in the pizza category for the second year in a row! This is just another testament to the fan favorite take and bake pizza franchise, with a commitment ...

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On March 23rd, 2023

Meet Papa Murphy’s Franchise Owner Koua Yang from Minnesota

Loyal Papa Murphy’s Customer Gets Behind the Counter Most people have a favorite food, even a favorite restaurant. Koua Yang is no different. In his case, however, the longtime fan of Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizza took it to a whole new level a few years ago, buying an existing franchise location in Roseville, Minn., and ...

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On March 13th, 2023

Papa Murphy’s Ranks Supreme As Top Pizza Brand

Papa Murphy’s a Top Pizza Brand In a crowded sector offering supreme pizzas, the top pizza brand reigns supreme. Papa Murphy’s, according to a new ranking from Marketforce Information, lists Papa Murphy’s as supreme as our pizzas. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Panel Summary polled consumers and gathered other data on all types of QSR ...

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On February 28th, 2023

Papa Murphy’s Dominates the Take And Bake Pizza Industry

What is the Take-and-Bake Pizza Industry? Want to find something that can bring all people together? Pizza. Everyone loves it, which is why the $46 billion pizza industry continues to grow and expand. From a business perspective, though, that also means a lot of competition. For entrepreneurs who want to stand out and build a ...

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On February 13th, 2023

Valentine’s Day Brings Boost To Papa Murphy’s Franchisees

Valentine’s Day is a Busy Holiday for Most Papa Murphy’s Franchise Owners Owning a Papa Murphy’s pizza franchise is fun, even more so on holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. For years, this leading take-and-bake pizza franchise has made February sales soar with the HeartBaker pizza. The HeartBaker pizza is a heart-shaped pizza made ...

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On January 26th, 2023

Add Papa Murphy’s Franchise To Your Franchise Portfolio

Why Expand Your Franchise Portfolio? Many franchise owners like to add new licenses and locations within their “home” brand. That’s a good strategy for market penetration and additional revenue, to be sure, but it can also lead to negative outcomes if something unforeseen — such as a global pandemic — means a vast reduction in ...

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On January 20th, 2023

Papa Murphy’s Franchises Ranked #5 For Guest Satisfaction

Papa Murphy’s Excels in Guest Satisfaction Consumers praise fast, friendly service and value for their dining dollar now more than ever. That’s why it’s so important that Papa Murphy’s ranked highly on not one, but two, major guest satisfaction surveys. QSR magazine recently ranked America’s biggest QSR brands using a variety of criteria ranging from ...

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On December 28th, 2022

Papa Murphy’s Is A Consistent Standout Franchise

Leaders in the Take-and-Bake Segment Papa Murphy’s is a standout franchise that has proven its durability and growth potential over the last few years, during some of the most challenging economic times in memory. What’s more, the brand continues to stand out as a low-cost business opportunity. Millions of loyal customers over the past 40 ...

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On November 28th, 2022

Papa Murphy’s Best Franchise for Veterans

Papa Murphy’s is committed to helping our veterans Papa Murphy’s knows that veterans make exceptional franchisees. Whether it’s serving as active-duty military or life as a first responder, these heroes know how to get the job done. To grow, they rely on intensive training and proven systems so that they can handle any situation that ...

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