What Do Our Franchise Owners Have to Say?

Papa Murphy’s franchisees open up about what they love about their businesses

Since our founding in 1981, Papa Murphy’s has captured the hearts of millions of consumers who love our delicious pizza. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of our franchise owners were fans before they decided to make the leap into business ownership — and we couldn’t be prouder of everything they’ve accomplished.

“I don’t think anyone has done it quite like we have. You get to go home and bake it in your oven and smell the pizza while it’s baking and watch the crust rise. You get to experience the whole start-to-finish process.”

— Allison Kenney

Owner of Papa Murphy’s Franchise in Portland, OR

Our franchise owners are some of the most passionate entrepreneurs in the entire franchise industry. Day-in and day-out, they work to deliver an exceptional experience for their guests, and in the process, they make their communities stronger. Not only do they help families share a meal together — an all too rare occurrence these days — but they also are extremely active in their communities, participating in local events and networking groups, as well as sponsoring sports teams and charities. We’re also proud of how successful they are as leaders and mentors to their employees. They prove that owning a Papa Murphy’s franchise is much more than owning a pizza shop, it’s a way to live a meaningful life.

This is what our franchise owners have to say about why they love owning a Papa Murphy’s franchise:

“It’s pizza that you can feel good about serving to your kids. It’s fresh ingredients. You make it fresh right then, so there’s that time with your family. That 12 or 14 minutes it takes to cook it, everyone is there and around it – and everyone is happy. It’s pizza!”

— John Platt

Owner of 7 Papa Murphy’s Franchises in California

“It’s quality versus quantity. You literally make everything fresh in the store every day.”

— Brian Hinojoza

Owner of Papa Murphy’s Franchise in Sacramento, California

“We’re really proud to be involved with Papa Murphy’s. We love the quality of the product. There’s a lot of great employees here at the corporate support center who really care about the business and care about the brand. It’s truly amazing being part of a brand where you can both identify and work with other fellow franchise owners to be able to find solutions and more.”

— Ryan McAllister

Co-owner of 37 Papa Murphy’s Franchises in Colorado

“The one thing that is the most endearing thing to my family is the idea of pizza and how it brings people together. At Papa Murphy’s, it’s all about the food. And that’s one of the reasons I feel comfortable selling the brand to my family and friends. Everything is made fresh in-store every day, from the shredded mozzarella cheese to the scratch-made dough and more.”

— Kristen Taylor

Co-owner of Papa Murphy’s Franchise in Anchorage, Alaska

“I’ve been a fanatical fan of Papa Murphy’s for about 25 years. Now being a part of the franchise family, one of the things that surprised me was it having a family-like feel despite how large the company is. They treat every franchise owner as if they’re one of the people working for them directly. Everyone plays an important role and everyone is invested in each other’s success. Additionally, we all have a communal love for pizza. So when we talk about breaking bread together and cultivating relationships, it’s amazing that pizza can play a special role in that.”

— Craig Sanborn

Owner of 18 Papa Murphy’s Franchises in Nashville, Tennessee

“My husband has been a pastor for about 20 years and I was a stay-at-home mom. The most attractive thing about Papa Murphy’s for us was that it was more than just a job. We knew that we would be able to combine the heart of Papa Murphy’s with our passion and love for our family and community. We’re very involved, from school involvements to coaching, so we love that Papa Murphy’s belief of bringing people together and contributing to the community allows us to have an even bigger impact and be more involved.”

— Ashley and Andy Klumper

Co-owners of Papa Murphy’s Franchise in Seaside, Oregon

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A Papa Murphy’s franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity offering high growth potential. Join this dynamic brand as we expand our footprint across the United States. Initial investment costs range from $296,075 to $534,731, depending on numerous factors, including geographic areas, condition of the premises and construction costs. We have grown to more than 1,300 locations thanks to a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference in their community, bringing families together, and most of all – pizza.

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