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On December 28th, 2022

Papa Murphy’s Is A Consistent Standout Franchise

Leaders in the Take-and-Bake Segment Papa Murphy’s is a standout franchise that has proven its durability and growth potential over the last few years, during some of the most challenging economic times in memory. What’s more, the brand continues to stand out as a low-cost business opportunity. Millions of loyal customers over the past 40 ...

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On December 13th, 2022

Meet Papa Murphy’s Multi-Unit Idaho Franchise Owner

Longtime Franchise Owner with Great Things Planned for the Star Community Few people are more enthusiastic than a new franchise owner who’s about to cut the ribbon and begin their life as a small business owner. That’s also true for Todd Gritten, who recently opened a new Papa Murphy’s franchise location in Star, Idaho, even ...

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On November 20th, 2022

Papa Murphy’s Is A Trend-Setting Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Leading the Industry with Innovation Entrepreneurs love putting their own stamp on a time-tested classic idea and reinventing an entire genre. That’s exactly what Papa Murphy’s did when it became a part of the “take and bake” model in the pizza franchising world, and this trend-setting brand continues to revolutionize the space. What does that ...

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