Why Papa Murphy’s Franchise is a Great Fit for Veterans

The iconic take-n-bake pizza franchise is committed to helping veterans thrive in their next chapter as business owners

Papa Murphy’s knows that veterans make exceptional franchisees. We’re proud to say that many of our franchise owners have military experience, and their commitment to their stores, their employees and their communities is proof that skills learned in the service can translate exceptionally well into business ownership.

This is why Papa Murphy’s, the iconic take-n-bake pizza franchise, is committed to helping as many veterans as possible realize their full potential as franchisees. We recently launched our veteran awareness program through partnerships with VetFran, a strategic initiative of the International Franchise Association as well as the national organization, Recruit Military to connect with veterans who are looking to start their next chapter in business. The commitment of our Military Franchise Incentive Program makes owning Papa Murphy’s more affordable through significant discounts to our initial franchise fee.

“Our veterans are truly incredible people, and we’re proud to be able to offer them a more affordable path to business ownership,” says Shemar Pucel, Director of Franchise Sales. “Veterans understand the value of franchising much more than aspiring franchisees without military service. They’re used to following systems and processes and deploying them at the highest level. They also understand that franchising is a community – there’s support, there’s camaraderie, and there’s a shared goal. We can teach people how to run pizza businesses, but we can’t teach the skills that veterans come with – and that’s what makes them so special.”

Why do veterans love to franchise with Papa Murphy’s?

Veterans choose Papa Murphy’s because our proven business model allows them to follow a system that works, which in turn allows them to focus on mentoring their team, taking care of their guests and being active in their communities.

For James McArthur, owner of a Papa Murphy’s franchise in Bakersfield, California, his military experience gave him the confidence he needed to become a franchise owner.

“Papa Murphy’s fit really well with my military background,” he says. “I’ve always been a procedure follower. Papa Murphy’s made it easy for me because all I had to do was follow the steps, and I knew that if I did that, I would be successful. This has turned out to be completely true – and it’s also something that so many franchise owners in other brands struggle with. If you follow the recipe and don’t waste time trying to create your own thing, you can do well.”

If you ask our franchise owners what Papa Murphy’s is all about: community and teamwork would be at the top of the list. Papa Murphy’s is a brand that plays a meaningful role in the communities we operate in. Our franchise owners become a part of the daily lives of their guests, they get to know their families, and this connection fosters loyalty that leads to longevity and even growth.

“We make it a point to get to know everyone that comes through our doors,” James says. “Papa Murphy’s is known for exceptional guest service, and we’re really genuine about trying to make a connection. Being friendly and engaging is such an easy thing to do, and it makes the guest experience so much better. This is what creates guest loyalty, and after 10 years in business, we have so many regulars coming through our doors every day.”

For veterans who have been deployed and away from their families, Papa Murphy’s is also an opportunity for veterans to transition into a life that allows them to be home, to watch their children grow up, and to take their future into their own hands.

This is exactly why Joel Davidson, owner of a Papa Murphy’s franchise in Virginia Beach, Virginia, decided to leap into business ownership.

“When I was ready to leave the military, I wanted to do something completely different,” says Joel Davidson, owner of two Papa Murphy’s stores in the Virginia Beach, VA greater area. “I had spent so much time deployed and away from my wife that I didn’t want to take a job that would take me away from her again. Owning a Papa Murphy’s franchise allowed us the chance to have a deeper connection with our community, and to build lasting roots. Our business has grown year over year, and we’re incredibly excited about the future.”

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Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza franchises is a low-cost investment opportunity offering high growth potential. We have grown to more than 1,250 locations thanks to a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about quality, service, integrity, and most of all—pizza.

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